What types of services will be available to homeless clients at a proposed Year Round Emergency Shelter/Multi-Service Center?

For any proposed Year Round Emergency Shelter/Multi-Service Center, program elements will play a role in addressing local concerns. In addition to case management, supportive services provided on-site will incentivize shelter clients to stay in the shelter and address the barriers they face in overcoming homelessness. These services may include, but are not limited to:

Commission to End Homelessness Multi-Service Center Baseline Services (in ranked priority order)

Intake/Assessment/Case Management
Crisis Evaluation - Mental Health
Centralized Intake (on site and/or off site)
Domestic Violence Services (on site and off site)
Beds On Site
Health Clinic
Transportation Services and Assistance
Meals/Food -- Public Distribution
Homeless Prevention Assistance (on site and/or off site)
Drug & Alcohol Treatment (off site and/or on site)
Child Care/Play yard
Crisis Evaluation - Referral Plan
Children Services
Commissary/Dining Hall
211 (off site)
Employment/Job Placement (on site and/or off site)
Substance Abuse Treatment (on site and/or off site)
Mental Health Treatment (on site and/or off site)
Storage (Short Term for Personal Items) (on site and/or off site)
Information & Referral (on site and/or off site)

Space will be provided for County departments (i.e. Social Services Agency, Health Care Agency, OC Community Services), other non-profits, and faith based agencies to provide a wide variety of services.

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