How can the Escrow or Title Companies avoid delay at the close of escrow, when they discover their client has a Judgment Lien filed by DCSS?
Typically the lien search is done by the title company on the property at the beginning of the escrow and one of the last things that is completed is a name search on the persons involved in the transaction. Because the abstracts and support liens do not attach to a particular piece of property, they are typically discovered at this later stage of the process and then the escrow is delayed because a "demand" is needed from DCSS. DCSS needs to determine how much support is owed by the obligor before it can issue the "demand".

One of the easiest ways to avoid last minute delay is to ask your client at the beginning of the escrow process whether he/she has a child support case open for enforcement with any county. By finding this out at the beginning of escrow your request for a demand can go out at the earliest stage of the process.

Another way to find out whether your client has a child support lien is to check your client's credit report. The credit report is typically included in the lender's information that comes over with the other escrow documents. DCSS is required to report obligors to the major credit reporting agencies. DCSS strives to act promptly on all requests, but it is imperative that complete information is received in a timely manner. Please double check the information and fax number you are using.

The fax number indicated above is a dedicated fax number for the Demand Desk. If the information gets sent to a different number or is mailed in, it may result in a delay in processing your request. If you have any other questions you may contact the Demand Desk directly at 866.901.3212
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