What happens after a demand for payment is received from DCSS by the Escrow Company?
If the obligor is selling or refinancing the property and there is sufficient money being realized in the sale or refinance to pay the full amount of the demand, DCSS will send a "matured installment" if future support is still owed, or a "release of lien" if the arrears have been paid and there is no future support owed. These documents will be recorded by the escrow company after payment on the demand is made.
If the obligor is buying a piece of property and owes past due support one of two things could happen:
  1. If the obligor is currently on a wage assignment and his pay history is good even though he owes arrearages, DCSS will often subordinate its lien in favor of the first deed of trust on the new purchase;
  2. If the obligor has a poor pay history and is not currently on a wage assignment, then DCSS will demand that the debt be paid in whole or in part before a subordination will be tendered.
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