How would a clinician figure out the Annual Update Timelines?
Medi-Cal requires the assessment paperwork be updated on a yearly basis, including a mental status exam. In order to do this, clinicians must be aware of the Medi-Cal month of intake, which is usually the month when the case was opened for services within a CYS/contract agency. The Annual Update is always due by the first day of the Medi-Cal month of intake. For example, if the case was opened on July 25, 2008, the Annual Update will be due by July 1, 2009. Please be aware that it is the clinician's responsibility to determine that the case is not already open at another clinic. Check the IRIS Coordination of Care report to determine the current Medi-Cal timeline. If the case if already open at another clinic, the clinician must follow the existing timeline. This also applies to those situations where the case was recently discharged from another clinic. A new Medi-Cal timeline cannot be started unless the case has been closed for 90 days or longer.

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