Paperwork timelines?
At the end of the assessment period (30 or 60th day*) all paperwork (Assessment Summary, Mental Status Examination, Master Treatment Plan and Client Service Plan) must be completed with all necessary signatures. In addition, there should be a brief stand alone assessment note showing the client's participation in the development of the CSP and agreement to the treatment goals, which is noted by the client’s signature. Medi-Cal will accept the consumer/legal guardian not being available for signature, only in extraordinary circumstances (i.e. death of a family member, natural disaster, client hospitalized, etc.), which should be clearly documented in the chart. Remember that the expectation is that the consumer/legal guardian signature will be obtained at the next session.

The Assessment Summary and CSP must be completed within 60 days from admission date if the consumer is not opened in any other CYS program. However, if the consumer is opened in another CYS program OR if it has been closed from another county or contract program less than 90 days from your admission date the Assessment Summary and CSP must be completed within 30 days from the initial admission date and you must adopt the holder’s Medi-cal month of intake timelines.
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