If a case is transferred from one CYS program to another program, could the new clinician just sign on to the previous paperwork (Assessment, MTP, and CSP)?
Immediately following are two paperwork options to consider when a case has been transferred. The first option is preferred because the new clinician conducts their own assessment and develops a new MTP and CSP. The second option puts the new program at risk if a comprehensive review of the entire paperwork was not completed by the new clinician. For example: paperwork has been recouped because the previous paperwork was done incorrectly with no evidence of Medical Necessity or the CSP was done incorrectly with expired milestones.

 Option 1: The new program has to do the entire paperwork (assessment summary, MTP and CSP) and continue with same timelines (within 30 days of transfer).

 Option 2: The new program gets a copy of the paperwork from the other program (or gets the entire chart if this is a transfer from another county clinic) and just adds themselves onto the MTP; co-signs the MTP and the CSP. Adding the signature to the existing MTP and CSP means that they have reviewed and agreed with this paperwork. They continue to follow up with the same timelines.

So, in other words, option one and two are acceptable, however, number one is the ideal to avoid any problems later in a review. 

Good clinical practice would be that if the new clinician signs onto the previous paperwork then they should complete a mental status exam and drop a note saying they have "reviewed and accepted the assessment and CSP from the previous program and will continue to work on the goals and milestones listed on the CSP". If any changes are made to the CSP goals, a corresponding progress note should be completed noting that the CSP was updated. In addition, have the client sign the CSP update. 

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