Can services be billed that are not on the CSP but are on the MTP? What if a service is being billed that is neither on the MTP or CSP?
The specific type of service must be on the MTP and CSP in order to bill for that service. If a service is provided and the service is not listed on both documents, then it must be coded as a noncompliant chart code. Once such service has been added to the MTP/CSP, then the following services can be entered as billable services.

Also, in regards to adding anything to the CSP, after it has been signed by all of the required parties, whatever the addition is, it must be dated and there must be a progress note reflecting the type of service which was added. Please be aware that if significant or too many changes need to be made to a CSP, it is better to create a new, updated one. All required signatures are needed for the updated CSP. Making changes to the CSP after it has been signed can be seen as fraudulent by Auditors. 

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