Can telephone calls be billed as crisis intervention?
Crisis intervention can be provided in person or on the telephone anywhere in the community. Crisis intervention must follow strict documentation requirements, and always refers to the consumer's crisis. It cannot be about the crisis of the parent or guardian. Critical elements of a crisis intervention progress note are the following:

Typically involves an unplanned event, i.e. unscheduled session, but it can also occur during a regular session.

Documentation should reflect the seriousness of the situation that merited it being a crisis

The clinician is expected to clearly document that a risk assessment was done, i.e. the consumer was assessed for suicidal or homicidal ideation.

The type of interventions that were employed to resolve or ameliorate the crisis

5 Axis Diagnosis

The type of disposition or recommendations for follow up care, i.e. involuntary hospitalization, psychiatric evaluation, increase frequency of services, etc.
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