Calamities - Disaster Relief (Temporary Reduction)

What requirements need to be met to qualify for temporary tax reduction?
The amount of damage must exceed $10,000, and a completed Calamity Claim application must be filed with the Assessor within 12 months of the date of damage. 

However, if no application has been filed and the Assessor determines that a property suffered a calamity within the preceding 12 months, the Assessor must send an application to the last known owner of the property. The owner shall file the completed application within 60 days of the date of mailing on the Assessor's notification, but in no case more than 12 months after the date of calamity.

If my furniture was ruined by the flood, can my property taxes be reduced?
No. Household furnishings are not assessed for property taxes and therefore do not qualify for property tax relief.
Do I qualify for property tax reduction if my roof leaked during the heavy rains?
If the leaks are due to the age and normal deterioration of the existing roof, the leaky roof won't qualify you for property tax relief. However, if your roof was damaged by a falling tree or heavy winds and the damage exceeds $10,000, you may qualify for tax relief.
Do boats and airplanes qualify if they were also damaged by the disaster?
Yes. Tax reduction is available for all damaged taxable property, including boats, aircraft or other business personal property.
After my property is rebuilt or repaired, will my property taxes be increased?
No, if the improvements are rebuilt in a like or similar manner, regardless of the actual cost of rebuilding. However, if additional living space or other significant improvements are made in addition to the repair, additional taxes may result.
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