Postmarks and Filing Deadlines (Important Notice)

  • Taxpayers are responsible to ensure that their documents are received at the Assessor's Office timely, before the deadline

  • Be aware that some types of postage are not postmarked (cancelled and dated by the Post Office)

  • The assessment laws have strict filing deadlines to qualify for various property tax relief provisions and to avoid late filing penalties, and many people rely on postmarks

  • If mail is not postmarked by the Post Office, the law requires the Assessor to use the date a document is physically received in our office (all mail is date stamped the same day we receive it)

  • The Post Office now sells stamps that are printed by machines in Post Office lobbies that are not postmarked by the Post Office

  • This new variation is being shared to caution you - file your documents early and consider the type of postage you use