Collaboration Services

A summary of this initiative is outlined in the table below:


Business Alignment


Collaboration Services

This project will explore the opportunities of establishing a Countywide collaboration technology solution that would:

  1. Achieve economies of scale by leveraging shared technology across all departments
  2. Improve the County’s ability to produce a more productive workforce by implementing a Countywide employee portal solution for business information & knowledge sharing, automated business processing, employee self-service processing, document management and cross-agency collaboration.
  3. Provide Agencies with technology to implement advanced Intranets and business portals.

The County’s budget situation is at a critical state and therefore the County as a whole must deploy technological initiatives that will reduce County operating costs while improving the productivity of its workforce. Collaboration technology supports and promotes cooperative processes among different parties within an organization in order to achieve organizational goals. An organization with a high-level of collaborative capacity enables effective work at the department and tactical-levels, and at the corporate and strategic-levels. County Agencies are increasingly implementing, or planning to implement, collaboration technology solutions that support department business processing. In lieu of implementing multiple, costly departmental-systems within the County, a shared solution will achieve Countywide economies of scale and provide a foundation for all County departments to reach goals of long-term process maturity, efficiency, productivity, staff development and lower operating cost.

FY 11-12

  1. Microsoft SharePoint has been selected as the County technology standard for cross-agency collaboration since it is used by several agencies and 70% of OC’s workforce is licensed. Agencies may use a different technology for internal solutions.
  2. Establish a SharePoint 2010 test environment at the OCDC to provide a platform to prototype a Countywide Employee Portal and to give agencies hands-on capability to explore SharePoint functionality for agency-specific use.
  3. A cross-agency business committee and SharePoint technical community will be formed to participate with portal site development. Governance will be provided by the County’s eGov Steering Committee.
FY 12-13
  1. Submit an Information Systems Request (ISR) FY12-13 for 038 funds to establish the infrastructure for the shared SharePoint 2010 Platform as a Service offering and to develop and implement the Countywide Employee Portal. HRD and CEO have agreed to co-sponsor the Employee Portal effort.
  2. Establish a rate beginning FY13-14 to recover operational cost to provide SharePoint and employee portal services to the County’s -workforce.
  3. Continuously expand the Countywide Employee Portal with enhanced productivity-focused capabilities such as employee self-services.