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Other Forms

Form Name Form Number

Application for Changed Assessment Form,Filing Highlights & Instructions


OC AAB Subpoena Request Form

COB 316

"County of Orange" Claim for Refund of Taxes and/or Penalties Paid RTP_Form 
Economic Unit - Multi Application AH-305M
Agent's Authorization (Filed with Initial Application) COB305A
Agent's Authorization (Multiple Property Statement for Agent Authorization Form) COB305AM
Agent's Authorization (Filed AFTER Initial Application) COB306
Request to Reopen Form COB 318
Waiver (Revenue & Taxation Section 1604c) (Cancellation Policy) COB311
Orange County Assessment Appeals Subpoena Request COB316

45-Day Waiver of Notice of Hearing Form. Note: This form must be completed by Applicant/Agent and Assessor.


Application for Changed Assessment Form


Request for Change of Address

Please Note: Use this form only if you have a pending Application for Changed Assessment form filed with the Orange County Clerk of the Board. Otherwise, click here to print a "Change of Address Notice" to mail to the Orange County Assessor Department