Photo Gallery

Juvenile is searched
Juvenile is arrest
Arrested juvenile at Juvenile Hall
Teenager is searched
Teenager is arrested
Arrives at Juvenile Hall

Juvenile is booked
Juveniles admonished by Judge
Teenager on trial
Booked into Juvenile Hall
Judge admonishes teen
Teenager on trial

Juveniles testifies
Judge talks with DA
Teens discuss case before trial
Teenager testifies
Judge talks with DA
Teens discuss their case

In-custody teens await trial
Public Defender reviews case with teens
Teens sentenced to Juvenile Hall
Teens await trial
Public Defender in trial
Teens in handcuffs

Teen gives advice to another teen
Juveniles studying
Juveniles in room
Teen gives advice
Class held in dorm
Quiet time in room

Juvenile enters room
Juvenile escorted to room
Shoes are kept outside of room
Teen enters room
Escorted to room
Shoes kept in hallway

Juvenile at quiet time
Juvenile calls home
Intake Housing Unit
Teen studying
Calling home
Newest Housing Unit

Juveniles escorted to unit
Juveniles walk to class
Juveniles exercising
Institution movement
Teens walk to class
Teenagers exercising