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Eviction Process

The eviction process can be quite complex. Many of your questions involve getting legal advice. The Sheriff's Civil Process Technicians are neither qualified nor authorized to answer legal questions. However, the following information on general eviction procedures is offered and may answer some of your questions. For further information you may consult an attorney or eviction service.


The first step in an eviction is a written notice. The two most common types of notices are as follows:

Notice to Pay Rent or Quit - This is usually a 3-day notice. This notice gives the tenant the option of paying the rent and remaining in possession of the property.

This notice is acceptable as the first step in the eviction process if the tenant does not pay the rent.

Remember: This type of notice gives the tenant the option!

Notice to Quit - This is the 30/60 day notice. This will advise the tenant that you wish to terminate tenancy. In most cases if the tenant has lived at the address for more than one year, you must give them 60 days notice.

You must decide which notice is appropriate. We do not provide blank forms, but they may be purchased at most stationary stores as well as some real estate offices. You must complete these forms in full, including your name and address. You may serve these notices yourself or the Sheriff will serve them for a fee of $40.00 per person.

We must have the Original plus 2 copies for service on each tenant.