Accounting Intern

Internship Position Description

Position Title:

Accounting Intern - Auditor-Controller's Office   (unpaid internship)

Name and Location of Agency/Department Requesting Intern:

Orange County Auditor-Controller's Office
Santa Ana, CA 92702

Functions of Agency/Department:

The Auditor-Controller's Office provides professional accounting services to many clients and stakeholders while also meeting numerous legal mandates. Our customer focus includes the public, County departments/agencies and employees, individuals, vendors, and other governmental agencies.

Intern Duties/Responsibilities:

Duties may include, but are not limited to: Extract, input or scan information into the County’s imaging system and/or accounting and personnel system; data mine using Electronic Report Management Imagining system (ERMI); access the department’s computerized systems, through Access, Excel and/or Word; and input general information into various systems. Duties may also include matching documents, memos and ledger sheets, and/or reviewing and analyzing financial reports, journal vouchers, accounting transactions, legal opinions, government codes and the County’s Chart of Accounts.  

Educational Requirements:

Applicants must currently be enrolled in an accredited college/university and have completed several accounting courses with an accredited college/university. Recent graduates with a focus on Accounting or Finance may also apply.

Skills, Training or Qualifications:

The department is seeking students or recent graduates who express a sincere interest in a career in the accounting division of a large governmental agency. The position is best suited for applicants with a business background or other related field, with a concentration in accounting. Experience with Microsoft Office Suite and calculator is a plus. Previous office experience is preferred. 

Time Commitment:

Minimum 10 – 20 hours per week for 10 - 12 weeks. Hours must be scheduled during normal business hours (Monday – Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.). Applicants able to schedule the maximum hours/duration listed for the internship typically gain a more in-depth experience.

Benefits Available to Intern:

Although this is an unpaid internship that does not lead to permanent employment or include employee benefits, students and recent graduates are offered an excellent opportunity to build their resumes, develop career skills and apply academic knowledge, network with professionals in their fields of interest and explore career options with the Auditor-Controller’s Office and other County of Orange agencies/departments.

Additional Information:

Prior to placement, applicants may be asked to submit contact information for reference checks, and a background screening will be conducted that requires a state issued driver's license or ID card.

How to Apply:

To apply click HERE