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OC Fraud Hotline

OC Fraud Hotline

OC Fraud Hotline flyer English version

Orange County Fraud Hotline (714) 834-3608
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The Hotline is intended for the use of County employees as a vehicle for reporting suspected fraud, misuse of County resources by vendors, contractors, or County employees, and significant violations of County policy. Fraud is an intentional act that results in the misstatement of financial records or theft of the County’s assets. The misuse of County resources would include for example the use of a County computer to run an outside business. In instances when non-County callers use the Hotline, their complaints are also processed.

What We Do

The Hotline is available for calls twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Hotline telephone number is (714) 834-3608. The Hotline telephone system also provides the callers with a list of Hotline numbers for reporting frauds that are not handled by the County Fraud Hotline such as Welfare Fraud. To report other types of fraud, such as welfare fraud, see the listing below of other fraud hotline phone numbers.

Whistleblower Protection

The Orange County Fraud Hotline is intended for may be use by County employees, the general public, or vendors reporting suspected waste, fraud, violations of County policy or misuse of County resources by vendors, contractors or County employees. County employees wishing to report complaints are protected under the New Whistleblower Law California Labor Code 1102.5 and 1106. The California State Attorney General’s Whistleblower Hotline number is (800) 952-5225.

Other Fraud Hotline Phone Numbers

Online Fraud Reporting

The County of Orange retains the services of ComplianceLine, Inc. for the receipt of complaints. Once the complaint form report is completed by ComplianceLine, the County's independent third party provider, ComplianceLine, Inc. emails the report to the OC Fraud Hotline Managers. The OC Fraud Hotline will investigate all complaints received related to fraud, waste, and abuse.

The online report form allows you to identify yourself or to remain anonymous, if you so wish. In order to process your complaint, a minimum amount of information is needed. Please ensure that you have the following information before contacting the hotline:

  • When (or approximately) the incident occurred – date, time, and place of the occurrence(s).
  • Who was involved – person(s) (positions are helpful, if applicable) or other person or persons who may be aware of the fraud.
  • Where the alleged incident occurred – agency or department, if applicable, and location.
  • What the alleged incident is – full description of events reported.
  • How the alleged incident was committed.


  • Your submission to and communication with the Orange County Fraud Hotline of any complaint or allegation does not constitute a request for legal advice and will not create any attorney-client relationship between the reporting person(s) and the County of Orange Office of County Counsel. As such, please be informed:
  • Your complaint or allegation and any other communications with the Orange County Fraud Hotline are not attorney-client privileged communications; and 
  • No legal representation or advice will be provided to you.

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Send Documentation

If you wish to submit information in writing, please use refer to the information needed above and mail to:

Fraud Documentation
Orange County Fraud Hotline
P.O. Box 1379
Santa Ana, CA 92702