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Property Auctions

Learn more about real and personal property auctions conducted by the County of Orange.

Public Administrator-Public Guardian 

Real Property

Property Auction The Public Administrator-Public Guardian conducts private auction sales to sell real property belonging to conservatorship estates that the department administers.  Listings of the available properties are published here and in a general circulation newspaper.

Personal Property

TrinketsItems such as furniture, jewelry, tools, and art objects belonging to the estates of conservatees and decedents are sold at Searled Bid Auctions held at the Public Administrator-Public Guardian warehouse. Items from each estate will be sold in one lot.

Visit Personal Property page for more information.

Treasurer-Tax Collector

HomeThe Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector offers for sale real property located in the County of Orange. These properties has become subject to the Tax Collector’s Power to Sell due to non-payment of property tax for five or more tax years.

Visit Property Auctions page for more information.