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County of Orange Partners with California Division of Apprenticeship Standards to Create Apprenticeship Programs for Employers

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. (January 27, 2022) – The County of Orange, in partnership with the Orange County (OC) Workforce Development Board and the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards, announces an apprenticeship program collaborative to help Orange County employers develop a skilled workforce with viable career pathways through the creation of Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship programs.

“Employer-driven demand for skilled workers is the catalyst for apprenticeship programs,” said Chairman Doug Chaffee, Fourth District Supervisor of the OC Board of Supervisors. “This partnership comes at a critical time as Orange County employers continue to rebuild and reinvest.”

Benefits to employers include creating a diverse, flexible workforce possessing the specific skills needed in the workplace while instilling loyalty in employees leading to high retention rates.  Apprenticeships increase productivity as employees in a structured training program are motivated to achieve. According to a 2016 U.S. Department of Commerce study called The Benefits and Costs of Apprenticeship: A Business Perspective, participating companies were unanimous in their support of apprenticeships and found value in the program that more than justified the costs and commitments made to the apprentices.

“Together, the Orange County Workforce Development Board and California Division of Apprenticeship Standards is a powerful combination representing the interest of the employer as well as the apprentice,” said Vice Chairman Don Wagner, Third District Supervisor. “Apprenticeship programs help to lift the economic trajectory, which is a win for Orange County.”

The mission of the partnership is to provide Orange County businesses with the workers they need to compete and prosper while delivering excellent training experiences and high-paying career opportunities for their workers.

“There are many alternative routes to a successful career that don’t require a college degree,” said Supervisor Andrew Do, First District. “Apprenticeships are a great opportunity for individuals to earn a paycheck while mastering skills and for employers to fill skills gaps. Skilled trade careers will always be in demand.”

The partnership collaborative is intended to help Orange County employers create flexible, customized training options used to recruit and develop a highly-skilled workforce that helps grow business and foster a diverse and inclusive culture.

“As a strong advocate for earn and learn apprenticeship programs, I want to expand programs that provide an opportunity to learn a trade and start on a path toward middle class stability. Apprenticeships benefit our communities by creating a better trained and skilled workforce, thereby increasing company revenue and worker satisfaction. These programs are structured, successful, and motivate apprentices and businesses for success,” said Supervisor Katrina Foley, Second District.

Tapping into the expertise of the Orange County Workforce Development Board and the California Division of Apprentice Standards allows employers access to a network of program development, customer service, and support experts.

“Apprenticeships provide tremendous opportunities for apprentices to gain hands-on training and experience in a real world environment,” said Supervisor Lisa Bartlett, Fifth District. “Not only do they help create an opportunity for multiple funding streams for businesses, they also instill loyalty in employees which, in turn, often results in high retention rates.”

Federal workforce and education funds can help many businesses undertake new investments in apprenticeship. In addition, tax credits and tuition support are available across the state. Possible funding streams include Apprenticeship Related and Supplemental Instruction (RSI) funding for the classroom, California Apprenticeship Initiative (CAI) Grant Program, California Employment Training Panel (ETP) Investments in Apprenticeship, and California Workforce Development Board (CWDB).

California state-sponsored apprenticeships currently include more than 36,000 participating employers, 90,000 registered apprentices, 700 training programs statewide, and 300 active educational institutions. 

For businesses interested in creating an apprenticeship program or to learn more about apprenticeship opportunities, contact the OC Business and Economic Recovery Call Center at (714) 480-6500 or email

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