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Veteran Driver Licenses and ID Cards

California now allows Veterans looking for a simple and official way to confirm their military service. On November 12, 2015, the State of California began offering Veterans the opportunity to place a printed “VETERAN” designation on their California driver license or identification card. California’s new driver license and identification card program honors and recognizes the military service of our Veterans.

Obtaining a “Veteran” designation on a driver license or ID card takes three basic, but important steps!

First, Get Your Original or a Certified Copy of your Military Records.
The OCVSO will only accept original or certified copies of your DD214 for the authentication process. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you do not have an original or certified copy of your DD214 you can order one free of charge at or call: 314-801-0800.

Second, Visit The OC Veterans Service Office
Bring your original or certified copy of your DD214 and unexpired government issued photo identification to the OCVSO, get screened for benefits and have your Veteran Status Verification Form authenticated for submission to the DMV. (The Veteran Status Verification Form can only be obtained and authenticated by a CVSO Claims Officer).  Please note: Blank forms found on the Internet are not accepted.

Third, Visit Any DMV. 
Go on-line or call any DMV for an appointment. Then bring your authenticated Veteran Status Verification Form to the DMV. Complete any other DMV paperwork, pay any application fees in addition to a $5.00 Veteran designation fee, and complete any testing requirements. To schedule an appointment at any DMV, visit or call 800-777-0133.

This program is indefinite and Veterans may want to wait until their current ID or license is expiring to avoid additional costs.