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Cell Dogs Program Graduation

Santa Ana, CA (January 20, 2023) - The Orange County Probation Department is proud to announce the graduation of the latest class of "Cell Dogs." The program rescue dogs from local shelters and enrolls them in a basic obedience training program taught by youth serving commitments at Orange County Juvenile Hall.

The program is a collaboration between the Orange County Probation Department, Orange County Animal Care and Cell Dogs, Inc. Youth participating in the program are responsible for the care and training of the shelter dogs. This unique opportunity gives youth hands-on dog training, teachers responsibility, and provides important life skills that will assist youth in their rehabilitative process.

The program has been a resounding success with graduates reporting increased self-esteem and confidence, and improved overall well-being. Additionally, the dogs trained through the program have made a positive impact in the lives of their new owners. To date, 64 dogs have graduated from this program with 13 dogs adopted by Probation staff. Most notable, 10 dogs have also advances in training to become service dogs, which are then places with individuals with disabilities or Veterans in need of assistance.

The Orange County Probation Department would like to extend its congratulations to the graduates of the latest class of the Cell Dogs program and thank Orange County Animals Care and Cell Dogs Inc. for their partnership and support.

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