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Coping with Personal Loss

Resources to help you, or a loved one, cope with the trauma of personal loss.

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Handling Deceased or Disabled Residents' Estates

Girl on PorchThe Public Administrator is responsible for protecting and securing the assets if a person dies in Orange County and a relative or other appropriate person is not available; provides internment of a deceased person when there are no known relatives, makes a search for heirs and if none are found, administers the estate. The Public Guardian provides conservatorship services for the adult mentally ill and those elderly and dependent adults who can not handle their own finances or care for themselves.

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How to Obtain a Death Certificate

Hold HandsWhen a death has taken place in Orange County, copies of the death certificate are available through the Clerk-Recorder's office normally 6-8 weeks after the death occurred. There are several ways to obtain certified copies of death certificates as well as several payment and delivery options.

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