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Fire Emergency

Each year, more than 4,000 Americans die and more than 25,000 are injured in fires, many of which could be prevented.  Direct property loss due to fires is estimated at $8.6 billion annually.

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Prepare For a Wildfire

firefightersLearn about the history of wildfire in your area.  Be aware of recent weather.  A long period without rain increases the risk of wildfire.  Consider having a professional inspect your property and offer recommendations for reducing the wildfire risk.  Determine your community's ability to respond to wildfire.  Are roads leading to your property clearly marked?  Are the roads wide enough to allow firefighting equipment to get through?  Is your house number visible from the roadside?

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What to do After a Fire

The following are guidelines for different circumstances in the period following a fire:

  • If you are with burn victims, or are a burn victim yourself, call 9-1-1; cool and cover burns to reduce chance of further injury or infection.
  • If you detect heat or smoke when entering a damaged building, evacuate immediately.
  • If you are a tenant, contact the landlord.
  • If you have a safe or strong box, do not try to open it.  It can hold intense heat for several hours. If the door is opened before the box has cooled, the contents could burst into flames.
  • If you must leave your home because a building inspector says the building is unsafe, ask someone you trust to watch the property during your absence.

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